Our Trainers


Since 2014 Elite Dog Dynasty has created a team of experienced and talented trainers. In our private sessions and group classes we teach people how to navigate the potential challenges of life with their dogs and how to bring out the best in their dogs. 

We pride ourselves on our trainers continuing their education through seminars, courses and hands on training. Elite Dog Dynasty stives to provide the most innovative training techniques available to date.  

Meet our demo dogs.



Handler - Lindsey Kernozek

Name: Envy

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Titles: CGC, CGCU, CGCA, TKN, TKI, Psychiatric Service Dog, Deep Pressure Therapy Trained



Handler - Jordan Studstill

Name: Razzle

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Titles: CGC, CGCU, Psychiatric Service Dog


My name is Lindsey, my love for dogs started at the age of 8 when my parents bought me a wire haired Jack Russell name Nicki. I attended obedience classes and cared for Nicki as much as I could at my age. My endearment continued to grow as I became an adult, I immersed myself in dogs in my work and personal life. I jumped both feet into the canine industry becoming many things including, assistant groomer, dog daycare attendant and trainer. I am a big supporter of purposeful preservation breeding of pure bred dogs as well as breed rescue. I was graciously given a directors position for a number of years as Vice President of a Pitbull and Rottweiler rescue. Also breeding and showing German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds and Bluetick Coonhounds and whatever else could be found at the end of my lead. I have been lucky enough to have multiple Canine Good Citizens, Grand Champions, Field Champions, Reserve Best in Show winners as well as multiple Top 10 placing dogs. My training views are that of an alpha assertive mindset, in the real world you do not have treats when a dog goes to take off into the road after a cat. I train in practical life saving techniques, with an emphasis on manners. Thank you for taking the time to take interest in Elite Dog Dynasty.  We welcome clients to come on any training exercise we are holding.  I am looking forward to a training session with you and your dog.


Lindsey Kernozek and family

The Elite Dog Dynasty trainers are looking forward to helping you out of the dog house!